>Hello 8-week-old baby 3!


We went to Tita Doctora Myrna this morning (finally!). And Des got an ultrasound as well. Baby has a strong heartbeat. No complications or liquid. And he / she is 8 weeks and 2 days old. 🙂 Too bad we don’t have twins. Haha we can try again next time. How do you make twins anyway?

Anyway tita said that the best age to be pregnant is from 24 to 30ish. So at 31, Des is still good. Maybe she can get pregnant one more time… it is harder if you give birth via C-Section. The older you get, the harder it gets. Thank God that this pregnancy is ok. Just more affirmation that we need to keep serving, and God will take care of whatever worries us.

Got to see old friends at the lobby as well. It’s funny how much time passes when you don’t see friends for a long time. And when you see them again, so many things have changed. Great to see you guys.

Also, had a funny time with dad’s old Vitara. We brought it because the in-laws have our car this weekend. But dad’s JHN 316 car has this problem with starting up. The key sometimes takes forever to turn to start the car. Seriously, I think I was in the parking lot for 30 minutes just trying to turn that key! My thumb still hurts until now. Hahah… there are heavier things to be concerned about than a car that’s ignition is hard to turn.

Time to get back to family time. Thank you again, Lord, for protecting my family always. I have chosen to serve you with my life, and you affirm me everyday that You are in control.

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