>getting married tomorrow!


4 years ago, I blogged this.

it is 10:30pm and i am getting married tomorrow at 3pm.
what am i doing online? because there is nothing to watch on tv. haha

it was such a busy week, meetings, work, wedding prep, moving Des’ stuff to my house… wow… even up to today, we were still busy.

i know why you shouldn’t see each other the day before the wedding. because your swiss visa gets denied and you wait for a plane ticket that isn’t ready. haha. that’s what happened to us this morning. oh well. should have listened.

then we had a council meeting over lunch. and i was thinking to myself… what am i doing here? i should be getting ready! Jojit (our wedding coordinator) gave me a 4 day rest plan to follow. and i didn’t follow the first day! haha

after that, i went to della strada church (our church tomorrow). i was looking for a priest to hear my confession. i just sat there for 2 hours. staring, praying, thinking, tearing (like luha, not punit), smiling… wow. this place will change my life tomorrow. and i am so happy and excited about it. i can’t wait! i want to sleep so i can wake up already.

fr paul came (he was in ateneo, teaching) and he heard my confession. everything just falls into place. i came home, started my 4 day rest rules, turned off my cellphone, had dinner with mom… wow. perfect.

and now, it is time to get married.

for all those coming, thank you.
for all those not coming, thank you as well.

you all made such a big difference in my single life. i know you will create that same difference in my married life.

xavy and des padilla. wow.

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