>Discovery Shores in Boracay


We got to Boracay on Saturday. All 12 of us… when did our family become so big? Parents, 4 kids, 2 in-laws, 4 grandkids. Obviously, traveling with all of us would be chaos… but apparently the chaos did not come from us.

At the Air Phil counter it took forever! And dad and I were given the same seat! Weird! They expected me to sit on him? Good thing we noticed it before we left the counter. The checker before paying the terminal fee was so grouchy. Give us a break, we have 4 kids running around the airport. You can’t expect them to sit still.

We were last to board the plane because we had to feed everyone. On the plane, Aida fell asleep, Sabine kept talking about being on the plane, Tinoy kept going to the bathroom, and Belly was quiet. And when we got to Caticlan, Discovery Shores started to impress us. It was smooth sailing all the way (well, Aida got scared on the boat; and Des stepped on a really small catfish that impaled a fin on her foot and finger…. but other than that….)

I have to recommend Discovery Shores. I have been to Boracay many times, but NOTHING beats their service. They go around giving free fruit. There is a snowcone station. The rooms have refillable cookies. We had welcome cupcakes. At night, you get free snacks. They do anything. Seriously. They keep folding your clothes, even on the beach. And they are courteous and happy. WiFi everywhere. I love it here. The room and view is pretty amazing as well.

How can we stay anywhere else after this?

Now, it is Monday and we only stay until tomorrow. My kids are soooo dark. That you need the flash to see them in pictures. But they are so happy. Sabine and Aida are brave girls, they just rush into the water, even with big waves and strong current. This is a great vacation.

More pictures and videos to follow 🙂

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