>[ProLife.org.ph] A Call to Defend Consistent Ethic of Life

> Respect for life must apply in all human activities, whether it be in
> sports, sexual encounters, or one's profession. For instance, we cannot
> claim to be champions of life if we enjoy watching and cheering two human
> beings hurt each other deliberately, drawing first blood, as in boxing.
> The picture of the hostage-taker slumped over the window of a tour bus
> with his bloodied torso hanging out is a testimony to the culture of death
> reigning over so many aspects of our lives. Guns have only one purpose,
> and that is, to kill. Why a dismissed policeman should be allowed to
> possess a high-powered rifle is an issue that lawmakers should address as
> they deliberate on a proposed bill calling for stricter measures for the
> carrying of firearms. More deaths have resulted from rage and hubris
> rather than the need to protect oneself from assault. The bill is
> entitled, "Citizen Protection Act."
> Likewise, we cannot claim to be humane by condemning the torture of a
> prisoner at the hands of a law enforcer if we advocate, in the same
> breath, the murder of countless defenseless and voiceless human beings
> through abortion because they are inconvenient. Doctors who perform
> abortions on the one hand, and deliver healthy babies on the other hand,
> may feel conflicted in their professional psyche. We all are part of the
> web of life. When we begin to devalue the life of one member of the human
> race, we escalate into the cheapening of the rest of human life. Again,
> our lawmakers must ponder this "domino effect" when they deliberate on a
> bill entitled, "Protection of the Unborn Child Act 2010."
> The culture of death destroys humanity. When one no longer knows the
> meaning of life, despair sets in. And despair is the ingredient that spurs
> people to take their lives relentlessly. Therefore, PRO-LIFE PHILIPPINES
> FOUNDATION pledges its utmost support for both legislations which are
> consistent with the promotion and defense of the culture of life.
> for Pro-Life Philippines Foundation, Inc.
> ————————————————————
> Pro-Life Philippines Foundation Inc.
> http://www.prolife.org.ph/home/
> Email Add: life@prolife.org.ph
> Tel. 7337027/ Fax 7349425
> CP 0919-2337783
> You can find us also to the following social networks:
> http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=44252134065&ref=ts
> http://twitter.com/PROLIFEPHIL
> http://www.youtube.com/user/PROLIFEPHILIPPINES
> http://profiles.friendster.com/prolifephilippines
> http://prolifephil.multiply.com/
> Support Cong. Roilo Golez's House Bill 13.
> "An Act Providing For the Safety & Protection of the
> Unborn Child & for Other Purposes"
> Click the link below and sign-up our on-line petition
> Disseminate the link and have students, faculty, staff,
> sisters, parents, parishioners and your friends
> sign up the petition. We hope to gather a million
> signatures to support this Pro-Life Bill.
> http://www.petitiononline.com/prolyf/

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