>BlackBerry Curve with OS 5.0: How do I save a contact from SMS?!?!


Ok I switched from iPhone 3G to the BlackBerry. Ever since the BB came out, I was always yearning after it. Even though I knew the interface wasn’t as good as the iPhone. Even if it wasn’t touch screen. But I still wanted one. My iPhone is now 2 years old and my mom got a new BB. So we switched. I just want to try it.

I like the feel of the BB. I like the feel of a keypad. I like the simplicity of the interface. With the iPhone I just ended up playing lots of games. Now, with this, you actually have to do work. Just some issues I have so far:

1. GLOBE. To activate PUSH EMAIL and BB Messenger, you have to add P1,200 to P1,500 over and above your plan! What the?! I spent a lot of time today on the phone with customer service. Even went to the store (where they made everyone wait for an average of 2 hours). But, I now conclude, that they have no idea how to handle a BB. No one knew the rates. No one knew how to do BBM. And maybe that’s why it is so expensive! I heard that over at Smart it is only an additional P300. So I may be moving over there in a while.

2. APPS. I still haven’t gotten the hang of the APP store of BB. They have a website, but you can’t download it from there. You have to do it via your phone. What happens if the BB can’t get good connection? Or the downloads keep failing (which happened to me)? So now, I find the APP I want, then download it via third party application and just sync it to the BB (this is what I like about the BB. You can have 3rd party APPS without any problems).

3. Saving contacts from SMS / MMS. Now this is the weirdest. I had the OS 4.6. And then I updated it to the OS 5.0. And now, when you get a SMS from someone you don’t know, you can’t save the number in your address book. It is weird and frustrating! You have to call the number and save it from the recent calls menu. It is mind boggling how they could overlook something like that.

Phew. More to come, I am sure. I hope this love affair will not be short lived.

Now to find out how to enroll my email address even if I do not use PUSH EMAIL. Is that even possible?

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  1. >hi kuya xavy! ayen here! still remember me?;o)so, you too have a BB! like me!hehe yours is a much higher model though i believe, i only have a Curve 8100. it was a free phone when i got my plan. i read your sentiments about your new phone & was really curious about it myself. yoy switched from an iPhone to a BB. i've always wanted a BB before that's why i chose this plan since it has a free BB phone ever since i got here in north america. but now that almost all of my friends have an iPhone, i'm kind of wanting to have that phone as well especially when iPhone 4 came out. is it a good choice? though i still want a BB. decisions, decisions..anyway, i didn't know BB is that complicated back there & so expensive! & yes, you can definitely use your BBM, that's what me & my friends use because its part of the plan so its like your not paying for it instead of texting. i still need to upgrade my phone as well, but i don't know how.lol but all in all though, i'm okay w/ my phone. i'll just think about changing it when my contract expires.just sharing my thoughts!;o) Godbless you & your family kuya!;o) ciao!;o)

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