>FROM THE SERVANT GENERAL – Online petition in support of Cong. Golez’s HB 13


From the Servant General

My dear brethren in Christ,

Throughout the world, family and life are under unprecedented and vicious assault. The anti-life, anti-family, homosexualist forces are forcing their diabolical agenda on the whole world. It starts with an acceptance of reproductive health, which then leads to abortion, same-sex marriage and all the other elements that are designed to destroy family and life.

Here in the Philippines, legislators are once again trying to pass a reproductive health bill, as they have been trying to do for some years. Again, we oppose this. However, in the face of increasingly intensifying efforts by the anti-life forces, we need to be more proactive rather than just reactive. This is why we ought to support HB13 of Congressman Roilo Golez. By passing this as law, we make even more clear that life begins at conception and such life should be protected by the state.

Our mission is to renew the family and to defend life. Let us then take this simple action of affixing our signatures to this online campaign in support of HB13. Please go to < http://www.petitiononline.com/prolyf/> in order to stand and be counted. Please inform all your household members (upper and lower) of this petition.

I also ask you to pass this on to all your friends and online family, to request them for their support. God bless you.


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