>CFC FFL’s FFL means Full of Food and Laughter!


I just got back from a wonderful weekend in Bohol! I even came out in the newspapers yesterday (both Bohol papers). Look at the snippet above!

It was for the 18th Anniversary of CFC FFL. And I gave the Anniversary Message. I was so nervous, even days prior. But when God calls, you answer and give your all šŸ™‚

The day before the Anniversary, I got to go around the resorts in Bohol, on the Loboc River Cruise and even watched a concert of a Brass Band. I posted videos of them on YouTube here, here, here and here. I just loved the evening!

And on the Anniversary day itself, I got to celebrate with more than 1,300 CFC FFL members šŸ™‚ What an inspiring, interesting, passionate, nerve-wracking but AWESOME day šŸ™‚ Our brothers and sisters there are right. FFL also means Full of Food and Laughter! I think I gained so much weight over 2 days.

But don’t let me make you read about it. Here, watch me tell you how the weekend went:

The relax day of the weekend:

The work day of the weekend:

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