>Big mistake to correct a big wrong decision (poster on the door of the bus)


from theglobeandmail.com

It is 7:48PM in Manila. There are SWAT outside the bus with hostages (Chinese nationals) and the hostage taker. The SWAT have smashed the windows. But have been staying OUTSIDE the bus for a long time. In the meantime, shots have been fired within the bus and at the bus. And now there is no sign of movement in the bus.

A disgruntled Policeman took a tourist bus hostage. And the whole thing has been on nationwide TV. Like a reality show. There was no media blackout. There was no cordoned off area. The disgruntled Policeman’s brother was brought in, and on national TV, he was dragged into a police car. Kicking and screaming. You can imagine that if his brother was watching, he would have been upset.

While the brother was being dragged, reporters were right there. Interviewing him. And the police didn’t do anything until the interview was over! What is going on here?!

This whole scenario was one big wrong decision after another. A lot of big mistakes to correct a lot of wrong big decisions. A lot needs to be done with how we deal with these crisis situations. This could have gone a lot better if our police knew what to do; and if our media didn’t cross the line all the time.

And above all that, our DOT Secretary said that this will have no effect on tourism. Wishful thinking or glaring ineptitude?

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