When people say WORSHIP, it conjures many images in your head. I am sure the first thing you’d think of are people bowing down in front of a golden calf or a 50 foot statue.

And so, when you hear people from Catholic communities use WORSHIP, you tend to back off a bit and think we are weird. I mean, can you just imagine me jumping around in circles in front of a cow? It would make me cringe as well.

But really, WORSHIP is about singing God’s love song. It is like going to a concert of Justin Bie…Timberlake. And singing along to his songs. And dancing to the beat that you hear. It is honoring him with the fact that you know his song, you can dance to it, and you memorize it.

That’s what WORSHIP is. You have God’s love song in your heart, and you want to sing it back to Him. With your eyes closed so you see only Him. With your hands outstretched so you can almost touch His face looking lovingly down on you. With your body moving to the beat of His heart. That’s the beauty of WORSHIP.

I just had that strong desire to write this all down. I was able to WORSHIP twice today. At our Fulltime Missionary coordination meeting in the morning; and at our Household meeting in the evening. And you can just dismiss it as a requirement; or just normal singing and occasional clapping. But it is so much more than that.

It is that song that makes your heart skip a beat. Puts that tear in your eye. And makes you feel that everything is going to be ok. So, change your mind’s image of worshipping that golden cow. Because it is so far away from that. 🙂

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