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    5.0 out of 5 stars A Must Read for Every Christian – Novice – to Mature – to – Worship Leader !!!, 12 Sep 2011
    George M. Wawrykow, Ph.D., ABPP (Spring, TX, US) –

    A ‘Must Read’ for all Christians!!! Short, concise & yet very deep!!! Great for every ‘Worship Leader’ and for the ‘New Christian’ to bring each to a maturity to our worship!!!

    This book is the most concise yet complete reference for both the Christian Worship Leader and the novice Christian to bring each of us up to where we need to be regarding our worship of the Lord. The book defines our roles to each of the Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit.

    I was given this book by a fellow Household group member, after I was appointed Worship Leader/ Servant for a Christian Life Seminar that our Household was hosting.

    Our Household Servant Leader, had to be absent with his son the last two weekends. I had not wanted to accept the responsibilities, because I was scared. I did not want to look stupid nor ignorant. When I was prayed over, the Holy Spirit, filled me, stirred within me, and emboldened me.

    Frank Padilla’s book on Worship has given understanding, meaning, purpose, and desire not only for me to Worship, but for me to encourage others to Worship, and help others acquire the tools to, and confidence to, yield to the Holy Spirit in Worship.

    My conclusion, as was Frank Padilla’s, is that deep meaningful Worship must become a lifestyle for each of us Christians, whether discipled or new!

    Our Lord gave us His all, His very Life! We owe it to Him to give our all, every minute of our lives – 24/7!!! We must learn to Worship the Lord with our very lives!!!

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