>The Philippines will win Miss Universe


from Miss Universe

And it’s about time, too. Venus Raj is pretty and, from TV interviews, looks like she can handle her own. So good luck!

We won in 1969 (Gloria Diaz) and 1973 (Margie Moran). Wow. 37 years ago! We were 1st Runner-Up once in 1999 (Miriam Quiambao). 3rd Runner-Up twice in 1980 (Chat Silayan) and 1984 (Des Verdadero). We were 4th Runner-Up once in 1975 (Chiqui Brosas).

Other placing: Top 6 (and best in Costume): Charlene Muhlach in 1994. Top 10: Pebbles Asis in 1987. Top 12: 1972 (Armi Crespo) and 1974 (Guada Sanchez). Top 15: 1965 (Louise Vail) and 1966 (Clarinda Soriano). And, in 1991, Anjanette Abayari didn’t compete because she resigned.

And Miss Philippines has won Miss Photogenic 7 times (including a back to back win, and a three-peat win – 1971 Vida Doria; 1973 Margie Moran; 1996 and 1997 Leng Damiles and Abbygale Arenas; 2005 to 2007 Gionna Cabrera, Lia Ramos and Anna Licaros)! Manila hosted it in 1974 and 1994.

Miss Universe buff? Hahah no, Wikipedia! Wait til you read my Survivor entries. 🙂

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