>The Great I Am takes the USA!


I attended the CFC SFL and YFL USA Conference over the weekend in Santa Clara, California. It was a “joint” conference. The first and last talks were joint, but all the rest were separate. Even the workshops were separate for YFL and SFL. I won’t get into the pre-conference drama, but suffice to say, The Great I Am really took over the whole conference and made His presence felt. We are to depend on only Him, anyway.

I wasn’t tasked to give any of the talks (great job to Francis Santos, tito Mike Quiray, Pat Oconer, Ian Dipasupil, Joseph Tesoro and Anton Quiray!), but I was tasked to give the Theology of the Body workshop to the SFL… twice!

I took what I have learned so far, especially from the Theology of the Body Congress in Philadelphia the week before, and made it into an introductory piece for the community… and most especially for SFL. I had a great time giving it (though I think I was more energetic the first time. By the second time I was tired and sweaty haha), and I do hope I have the opportunity to give it more to different areas.

It makes me feel good knowing more about the reason why we were put on this earth in the first place. And the answer to all of life’s questions. You can read a lot of the outlines I made during the TOB Congress on this blog, or better yet, invite me to speak to you. I now have this passion and desire to spread what I know to people – and you know, these lessons are things we already know in our head – we just need to etch them on our hearts as well.

What a wonderful weekend of learning about REDEMPTIVE SUFFERING. We always hear about prosperity and the good life. But rarely do we hear that part of getting towards that prosperous life is the way of suffering. And sometimes we do not even get to experience that prosperity – we just have the suffering that we use to be redeemed. It’s scary and sad, but beautiful. And it makes us understand and appreciate life even more. That we are made not for this world, but for a life beyond this world.

We need to be told the truth and how this truth affects our daily lives. And I am so glad to be part of a community that dares to tell the truth, even if people are initially resistant to hear it.

Great Job everyone! May we all be just like Job, and learn from his life.

PS. Here I (and good missionary friends) am in IHOP. I LOVE the food there:

PPS: And here I am at the Mothership:

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