>Divorce in the Philippines


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Did you know that more than 50% of marriages in the USA end in divorce? That’s a lot of women being beaten up by their husbands (or vice versa). Because if the reasons of Gabriela are to be followed, then divorce should be allowed in the Philippines to “put an end to domestic violence still prevalent among married Filipino couples“.

But really, we all know that is not the case. Divorce being allowed will not be used by only those in abusive relationships. It will be used by those who just want the easy way out. Those who are in marriage just for the “honeymoon stage”, and when it is time to make a marriage work, they bail out and find that giddy feeling with others.

We should not see marriage as only the feeling of love. Being in love, getting married, being happy forever. It is not like that. Marriage is a lifelong commitment. Through ups and downs. And working through the problems. Marriage is not a feeling of love, it is a DECISION to love.

The problem is that we are all becoming so selfish. We want to buy what we want NOW. We want to be satiated NOW. We want people to follow what we want NOW. And anyone that does not fit into that, we take out of our lives. Put two people together who are like that – and you don’t get a committed relationship. You get people jumping from one divorce to another.

We need to prepare for marriage. Marriage only begins on the wedding day. We need to work on our marriages every single day. There is no easy way out, when the problems begin. And there will be problems, lots of them. But we need to renew that commitment to love and cherish each other every day.

Legalizing divorce in the Philippines will create more broken families. More angry children. More twisted views of what commitment is, really. And it will destroy what it means to truly be happy: which is to work for the happiness of the other; and not work for my own selfish needs and desires.

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