>FROM THE SERVANT GENERAL – ON MARY (Part 8) – "On the Third Anniversary of our Consecration to Mary"


(Part 8)


August 10, 2010

Today is a blessed event, as we celebrate the third anniversary of our community’s consecration to our Blessed Mother Mary, Mediatrix of All Grace. Since three years ago, Mary has become an indispensable companion on our journey. In fact, we have come to appreciate much more her role in salvation history. She is Jesus’ co-Redemptrix.
Our work of evangelization, which takes territory from Satan, and our work of renewing the family and defending life, with family and life the main targets of Satan during this third millennium, bring us into direct collision with Satan and his demons. Our work causes our engagement in intense spiritual warfare. We are at war, and we are at the forefront. As such, we need our Mother Mary.
Why is that? How do we now understand Mary’s role?
“She was there when the very first war broke out in heaven, where Michael defeated Lucifer, who became Satan (Rev 12:1-9).[1] Then she was there when the war was brought to humankind, in the garden of Eden, where Satan deceived and caused the fall of our first parents.[2] God then decreed eternal enmity between her and the serpent, and between their offspring (Gen 3:15). She was there at the foot of the cross, when Jesus by his death, and subsequent resurrection, defeated Satan. The Blessed Virgin Mary and her Son Jesus have always been a team when confronting the enemy! Then, before his death, Jesus entrusted Mary to his beloved disciple, to continue the mission (Jn 19:25-27). Satan, angry with her, continues to wage war against her offspring (Rev 12:17). Those are us. Our mother Mary is still very much involved in this spiritual war, and she will always be there to help her children­the soldiers on the ground­with her powerful intercession. As Queen of heaven and earth, she is indeed powerful.” (from the book Following Christ, page 38).
I repeat: The Blessed Virgin Mary and her Son Jesus have always been a team when confronting the enemy!
By God’s mysterious design, the coming of the Savior into the world depended on the yes of Mary. And by that same mysterious design, God involved Mary in the very first war that broke out in heaven, and in the spiritual warfare in Eden where paradise was lost but a Savior was promised. Now God intends the work of the Savior to continue to be done with his mother, his co-Redemptrix.
This is why we are a community for Christ (who is the Savior), doing the work of renewing the family and defending life (which work is crucial to God’s plan for the life of the world), and consecrated to our Blessed Mother Mary.
Like Mary, we continue to rejoice in God our Savior. And may our work be such that all ages will call Mary blessed.

*     *     *

[1] The human Mary was not physically there, but her spirit embodied in her role in salvation was there.
[2] Again Mary was not there physically, but she was the embodiment of the prophecy regarding a Savior.


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