>Best Burgers in America


I love eating burgers. It’s a complete meal in one. Protein – Carbs – Dairy – and whatever else you can get, depending on what you put in there. So what is the best burger of all? Here are some that are good:
The Burger King ANGRY WHOPPER. Not just any Whopper, but the one that is LOADED with jalapenos. Ever since this came out, there really is no other choice but to get this at BK.

Wendy’s Baconator! Well, I don’t really enjoy this burger as compared to the Angry Whopper. But this is full of meat… and here in the USA you can get as much as 3 rows of meat! And Michelle Obama is wondering why people are obese here.

McDonald’s Big Mac. The ultimate comfort food. As one of my friends put it, this is the same all over the world. So if you want familiarity and comfort, go Big Mac.

Bobby Flay’s Bleu Cheese burger. OMG. This is so good. Well, he is a renowned chef, so he would come up with delicious food. Though I feel this is for a once-in-a-while eating out for an occasion. Not for spur of the moment eats.

The Jollibee Champ! Yes, there is Jollibee in the US. Though they are more known for their chicken. This is a Pinoy tastebud experience. As it is more of the smell that attracts you, than the taste. Though, going into a room that smells like Champs, when you are NOT hungry, is not appealing.

In n’ Out burgers. The last time I had this was in the late 90’s. And it tasted good then. The problem is that the taste in my head became better every year that went by, so that now, 2010, the taste in my head is actually better than the burger itself. It seems so ordinary…. still good, but nothing great.
And the winner of the best burger in America:

The Shake Shack burger. Found across NYC in parks. There is always a line, and so there’s even an internet camera to show you when the best time to go is. BUT IT IS AWESOME. Delicious, juicy, filling. You have got to go and get some.

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  1. >ur blog made me excited to eat..now i really cant wait to go back. shake shack here i come! oh and i'll be sure to try out ur bro's wax salon. how cool!

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