>How to Reach the World with the Theology of the Body


Panel: “How to Reach the World with the Theology of the Body
Fr. Thomas J. Loya, Bill Donaghy, Sr. Helena Burns
Moderator: Matt Pinto
Children of darkness in this age are more shrewd in their dealings than children of the light
As with anything in the Catholic Church, we must turn to prayer to find the answers on how best to reach the world.
Pope calls for the new evangelization / new methods!
If you have a body, this Theology of the Body is for you.
Theology of the Body is not the Big Idea… it is THE IDEA. It is the vision to see life, and respond to that vision of life.
  • To see as God sees
  • We have not really seen what the world looks like through Catholic eyes. The TOB has lifted that veil.
  • It is the ONLY way to see life
TOB: We see the invisible made visible through the physical
  • Everything is participating in God
  • See everything as interconnected
Living in the time of the Great Divorce
  • Divorce: Root word means: Diabolic
  • Sin: to tear apart
  • BUT God’s original plan is marriage and harmony. 
We need to see through the eyes that God has given us
Even people in the pews can be the un-Churched.
The TOB is a locomotive: LEAD, FOLLOW or GET OUT OF THE WAY
We are obsessed with gadgets / social networking: because deep inside we want COMMUNION.
  • Pope encourages us to evangelize in the new media. 
  • Start blogging! 
  • We want to connect.
People love HONESTY
  • What are the needs that TOB can address? Intimacy. Human beings cannot live without it. It is behind our worst & best choices. 
  • People want experience, then let’s EXPERIENCE the real meaning of love and intimacy through the TOB
  • Let’s REALLY talk about love
“In the end, beauty will save the world” – Dostoyevsky
  • Share the beauty of the world in Social Networking
In arguments:
Use the same language; get into their stuff – but give them the REAL THING
NEW Pontifical Council for the New Evangelization
  • TOB is the New Evangelization
  • TOB teaches us to GIVE!
Living IN the world, we need to use the technologies OF the world
  • Media, use the new media
  • Use secular clips with good messages: from TVs, movies, etc
Young people are sick of the LIE that is being told to them. They are seeking the TRUTH. They want something better.
  • Young people want to find what is real and true. They want honesty, they want substance. They just don’t know where to find it.
We need to have, and use, media in Catechesis
  • Youth are exposed to media 24 hours a day
  • And it cannot be a God-free zone
We have to go where people are really living and not be afraid
  • Be where the rubber meets the road
Some people say: “I am Catholic but…” Are there any more “Catholics.” anymore?
Catholicism is not about a religion, it is about a UNIVERSAL TRUTH!
There is a crisis of Fatherhood today.
  • Just like how we abuse nature, which is made by the Father
  • Fatherhood / manhood under attack
  1. Promoting and putting importance to DISCIPLESHIP
  2. Empowering and engaging the YOUTH
  3. Spend more time receiving, contemplating, praying! For everything we receive, we need to spend more time in prayer

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