>Theology of the Body in the Life and Ministry of the Priest


Theology of the Body in the Life and Ministry of the Priest
Fr. Roger Landry
Re-read TOB as Doctrine and Theological Based Discipline; with Life, our own experiences
Advice from Pope John Paul II regarding dealing with youth: If you love them, they will listen to you
Must realize the difference between loving and using people.
Confront human experience with the truths of faith.
TOB: Be an unselfish gift of self to God and others
Our discernment question should be: How is God asking me to be a gift to others?
TOB gave me a clear definition of what love really is amidst so much confusion
It helped me to see that marriage AND apostolic celibacy are both vocations. 
It helped me to see it is not giving something up, but in fact gaining something much greater
God is not a doctrine but rather is a communion of persons. A three in one of self-giving and self-receiving. 
Sanctity couldn’t be received without the acceptance of the redemption of the body. 
Look at teachings of Church with confidence. We become unafraid of the truth.
It is possible to move from sin to chastity
TOB: The way to put back the pieces. Close fissures that was hurting the Church
Important aspects in Priestly Life
  1. TOB has helped prayer
    1. Leads us outwards
    2. We cannot be loners
    3. TOB is an extended Lectio Divina
      1. Reads the text
      2. Chews the text
      3. Savors the text
      4. Digests the text
    4. Everything is Trinitarian
    5. Familiarity with not only what the Scriptures say, but what they mean
  2. Spousal love / relationship is real between Priest and people
    1. Priestly life is one of spousal love
    2. Without that, the priest is lost
    3. Now we need priestly celibacy more than ever – especially after all the controversies that have hit the Church
    4. Need to talk about TOB even more!
  3. Priests should be models of purity in heart
    1. To see Christ in others
    2. To see Christ in all happenings
  4. TOB teaches us about Fatherhood
  5. Priestly fraternity
    1. Not good for man to be alone
    2. Spiritual life = life according to the Holy Spirt
  6. TOB should not remain in an intellectual level
TOB and Pastoral Work
  1. Helps to preach with confidence, even those sensitive topics
  2. Has taken away the shame
  3. Ground our teaching in Christ who is truth incarnate
  4. And have everything flow through and come from Him
How and when to preach?
  1. Bring it up during Marriage occasions / readings (wedding at Cana, etc)
    1. Major texts of Pope John Paul II comes up in Liturgical Year
  2. Always themes
    1. Do that in memory of Him
    2. Giving of ourselves
    3. Talking about Heaven
  3. Through the Bulletin, with commentaries on news items
  4. All Sacraments can be related to the TOB teachings

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