>Theology of the Body and Pastoral Ministry


Panel: Theology of the Body and Pastoral Ministry
Fr. Roger Landry, Dr. Greg Popcak, Sr. Mary Elizabeth Wusinich, Rev. J. Brian Bransfield
Moderator: Lisa Hendey
23.6% of Catholics go to mass once a week.
We have to move in a personalist method and not a manualist method in order to evangelize. 
People come to therapy not really knowing what a healthy relationship is. TOB helps to teach couples the truth. 
Priests: I have to remember that my audience is hungry & wounded so I need to prepare something that’s of God. 
Instead of asking your pastor to teach TOB at your parish, ask him if you can do it! Tell him how it has changed your life! 
Conversion: comes about because of a RELATIONSHIP and not a teaching
Children of same sex couples going into Catholic schools, how do we deal with it?
  • Consult the local Bishop, and get his direction regarding it. Follow the lead of the local Bishop
  • Recognize that we are always trying to help all the kids of that school
  • It might be better not to allow them to be in the school, because it will cause moral schizophrenia in the children
Our greatest wounds that people are facing is the unity of persons. People can be in a crowded room and still be alone. 
Our deepest fear is that we don’t matter. It’s a common fear of the human race.

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