>The Treasure of the ‘Hidden Talks’ of the Theology of the Body: New Insights and Implications


The Treasure of the ‘Hidden Talks’ of the Theology of the Body: New Insights and Implications
Dr. Michael Waldstein
Theology of the Body notes were started on the feast of the Immaculate Concepcion in 1975. And the notes had a quote regarding Mary on the margins – from Song of Songs.
  1. When John Paul II became Pope, he wanted to publish the Theology of the Body as a book. But was told that Pope don’t publish books. So he cut up the books and preached it during his Wednesday audiences.
    1. TOB was translated from Polish to Italian to English. But Pope JP II did not have time to go over the Italian version; and it missed out on a lot of things from the Polish translation. In the year, the more DEFINITIVE translation will come out.
    2. When Pope JP II died, his writings were ordered burned. But the Cardinal in charge said he didn’t find anything worth burning. So the TOB was able to be studied.
    3. So now, the headings in the TOB are the original headings of the Polish manuscript.
Song of Songs is where there is the experience of the beauty of love. 
  1. Love of man and woman in front of each other at the point when love starts to grow
  2. Scent of Lebanon: The man has to consider the woman as sister : My sister, my bride
    1. Metaphorically speaking
    2. Closeness between the two of them
    3. Not simply the fruit of erotic attraction
  3. Fruit of the Garden, meeting at the well
  4. Mastery of mystery: enables her to give of herself
    1. The woman is the master of her own feminine mystery
    2. Total gift expressed in words, and then the whole body
  5. Need for a continual search, a continual openness
    1. A continual search for the other has to take place because you see a depth in the other person of which you can never close your grip.
  1. Most profound teaching on the Sacrament of Marriage: This can do a LOT for marriages

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