>Understanding the Opposite Sex


Workshop: Marriage and Family
Understanding the Opposite Sex
Dr. Philip Mango
Neurology and Psychology of Masculinity and Femininity
Women’s Brains are on 24 hours a day
Men’s Brains turn on and off
  • Men have 20% more Testosterone than women
  • 3 things may happen when a woman is stressed out (increased Cortizol)
    • from structured thinking, the woman will be confused on what to do / loses perspective. Everything becomes the same value
    • becomes irritable and somewhat angry
    • becomes exhausted
  • Women need a male or a very sensitive female to listen to her talk and talk to burn all the Cortizol from the brain
  • Men have 20% less Corpus Collosum than women (it is that which connects the Right to Left side of the brain). So women can remember more from years ago (senses and memory). Women are given to DETAIL.
  • Theology of the Body: in order for women to care for the NEEDS of people, they need to understand the NEED of people; how they feel; who, what, why… etc.
  • Men are pointed towards Essences and Principles (only God the Father could have made the ten commandments)
  • Compassion in men is towards ACTIVE SERVICE; ACTIVE DOING
  • Men are also wired to hierarchy
  • “Everything is ok / no competition / don’t want to hurt anyone” mentality leads to men in their 40s who are all boys
  • Love your wife the way Jesus loves the Church.
  • Men can’t think like women!
  • Men should just LISTEN to the woman. The woman talking will burn the oxytoxin, eventually.
  • The deepest desire in a woman is to be PURSUED.
  • Boys have 3 basic needs
    • Look for territory. This is MY space
      • Wants to be on an adventure. Always taking risks
      • Connected to ADVENTURE; DANGER; and TRUST in the FATHER
      • Masculinity should be Physicality
    • Say: “You have what it takes” – from Father to Son. No woman can say that to a man
      • God is a warrior
      • All boys are warriors. Men have to protect their families, physically
    • Love the beauty
      • We are in a war in the middle of a great romance
      • God wants us to know how to take authority
  • Girls have basic needs
    • She wants to be the beauty / radiate beauty
      • Every woman wants to be the beauty. Every woman was created to be beautiful – physically, emotionally
      • Beauty: having that quiet, interior sense
    • To be on an adventure with someone who sees that he is on a spiritual adventure
      • God says: “I am crazy about you”
  • In marriage these will surface, as what men need:
    • Need for respect and admiration
    • Desire to have sex with a willing partner
    • Physical and psychological space
    • (only men can give other men masculinity)
  • Women need:
    • Verbal affirmation and physical touch / affection
    • Active listening
    • Strong protection
  • Courage is something we do. Even if we are scared, we do it anyway.
  • Need to build up, empower and send out men! The devil will take out men who are the leaders / who people naturally follow. Through cutting relationships, by introducing alcohol, pornography, etc
  • A father’s physical touch and verbal affirmation is that which makes their daughters emotionally secure.
Jesus is crazy about you.
See Jesus in the people you help and serve. And if you don’t see him, ask Mary to help you see him.

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