>Theology of the Body and Ephesians 5


Theology of the Body and Ephesians 5
Dr. Janet Smith
God’s Relationship to Man
  • Creator / Creature
  • Father / Child
  • King / Subjects
  • Shepherd / Sheep
  • Vine / Branches
Dominant Images
  • God faithful husband to Israel
  • Jesus: Bridegroom to Church
Marriage as Dominant Image in Scripture
  • Genesis: 2 become 1
  • Wedding at Cana
  • Wedding Feast of the Lamb in Revelation
  • Prophets: God’s relationship with his people
  • Ephesians 5: Right way for us to understand the relationship of God and man
The spousal image in Scripture appears throughout the whole Bible, but particularly in Ephesians 5 (eg. Ephesians 5:21-33)
The Theology of the Body is meant to reveal to us our ultimate relationship – our spousal relationship with God. Celibacy: is also a Spousal relationship.
Married Life: Sacramental sign of God in this world. Like Christ and the church
  • Marriage in this world is a sign of the supernatural reality of unity with God. 
In Heaven everyone is a virgin. Virgin: everyone totally focused on the Lord
Key to Theology of the Body: St John of the Cross!
Reason Christ was not married: Because he belongs to everyone! Not just one particular person.
Jeremiah 31: 6 – I will rebuild you, O Virgin Israel – SECOND VIRGINITY. God restoring the virginity of very unfaithful Israel.
Spousal Mystery: New Testament
  • Christ as Bridegroom to his Church
    • Gave of himself on the Cross
    • Continues to give of himself in the Eucharist
      • Wants union with his people
      • Forgives and sanctifies his people
    • Gives eternal life
What does it mean to make a complete gift of yourself? It doesn’t mean to be a doormat or to yield to everything. 
JPII used the example of wedding vows as giving yourself to another.
– Every time you engage in a sexual act with your spouse you are recommitting your marriage vows.
Complete self-giving:
  • Daily tasks: cleaning, etc etc
  • Always thinking of each other.
  • Seeking holiness together
  • breaking the bread is an act of communion , an act of uniting through sharing
  • Covenant
  • The Eucharist is a complete self-giving act of love from Christ to us. 
  • Jesus bridges that infinite gap between God and man by dwelling among us. 

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