>Panel Discussions at the TOB Congress


Panel: Humanae Vitae and Theology of the Body: John Paul II’s Profound Defense of Paul VI’s Courageous Encyclical
Dr. Peter Colosi, Dr. Pia de Solenni, Dr. Michael Waldstein
Moderator: Joan Desmond
Resource: St. Augustine: “3 Goods of Marriage”
Moral conclusion that artificial contraception is immoral: NEVER CHANGED
Humanae Vitae: The idea of love does not allow contraception
Contraception necessarily hurts LOVE
JP II: You are your body: Intimate union of body and soul
Be deeply rooted in Christ himself
There is a need to communicate the truth so that people can hear it and understand it
[left at the open forum… it was too cerebral for me to catch up]
Panel: The Challenge of Same Sex ‘Marriage’”
Dr. Philip Mango, Dr. Janet Smith, Glenn Stanton
Moderator: Brian Gail
The family is a community of boundary-less love from the Trinity itself. This is why Satan attacks it
Man & Woman: Suitable & complementary physically, spiritually & emotionally. Suitable & complementary in every imaginable way.
  • Little girls have a need to be beautiful & be seen as beautiful by their Fathers. Where is the father in a lesbian family?
  • Girls wait for their father to tell them they are beautiful. This brings sexual security and emotional security. 
  • Boys have a need for adventure from their Fathers and to know their Fathers love them and they have what it takes. 
There is an intrinsic and fundamental and necessary difference between men and women.
It is a wild world out there of young college students. We need to take the truth to them.
  • These students have lost the story of being made in the image of God as male and female
Why is it that the heterosexual population is accepting homosexuality now? Even with 98% heterosexual population. And even if we know that it is wrong.
  • We think: Just let them live their lives, so we can live our lives: contraception, fornication, etc
  • We don’t question them, they don’t question us. Because if they question us, then we might not like the answers
We need to love our homosexual brothers and sisters so that we can talk to them and be compassionate.
  • Why do homosexuals have so many sexual partners each year? Why do they have problem with commitment? Because it is unnatural
Spousal relationship: Live a life of complete self-giving
  • Wake up and ask God how can I please you today
  • God will say: be good to your spouse
  • Spouse comes FIRST; children come SECOND
Only God can be God. Only God can fill that deep need.
  • Not our spouse
  • Not children
  • Not work
  • And homosexuals should know this as well
The 1st thing we need to know is God is chasing us down like a lover. Every lover is a pathological stalker. God is a stalker. 

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