>Hot and Cold


College friends

The picture has nothing to do with what I am going to write about. I just didn’t have a picture to put up. But my College friends have been good friends, even until now. And I love them all. There are about 20+ of us, and we have been in constant communication for the past 14+ years. Amazing.

I am now in the lounge of the airline I am taking. Free food (I ate too much, but there is this sandwich I still want to eat), free drink and free wifi! I am 2 hours early, so there are just 2 of us in this big lounge. So all the food for me… since the other guy is sleeping.

Sabine and Aida have colds. Aida’s colds are getting worse. Her nose is always clogged, and her throat hurts already. They are on medication, and maybe it was the after-effect of their injections last Friday. I know they will be ok, but there is always that tug to make you want to stay.

That’s the amazing-ness of family. You know the extended family will be there to help out.

It is the weather that we have been having. Added to airconditioning in the car, and heat outside. Taking its toll on all of us. It is hard to be hot, then cold, then hot…. We have to make up our minds and stick to one, lest we get sick.

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