>My Kids AMAZE Me


Sabine speaks better Tagalog than me. No need to make that extra effort to speak in English to my kids, they can understand Tagalog 😉 Funny that Des and I speak to each other in English, and speak to the kids in English… but Sabine speaks in Tagalog. Haha, I guess better to be fluent in Tagalog, in the Philippines. I am glad she didn’t inherit my being Tagalogically Challenged.

My kids get the munchies after 10PM. Good thing they aren’t Gremlins (though they sometimes act like them). Even if we are all in bed already, and ready to sleep. Sabine will start complaining that she wants a banana. Or cookies. Or fried chicken. And we would get up and eat. Aida would soon follow and eat as well. This is where we talk about the day and what they did during the day. I know this will make me cry when I am older. 🙂

These kids talk to ANYONE. They didn’t inherit my shyness either. They play with anyone, and ask anyone questions. Like the new guard we have at home. Sabine just went up to him and said: “Sino ka?” Hilarious. Aida will go to you as long as she knows she’ll get what she wants. And then leave when she gets it.

Awww these kids. They amaze me.


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  1. >kuya xavs! my kids are different from yours, in a way. josh is major englishero, with matching accent! he had a yaya who spoke in straight english. now i'm having a hard time teaching him tagalog. chiyo's leaning towards tagalog with a bisaya accent. i'm trying to correct the accent. now when they talk to each other, josh would ask chiyo in english, she'd reply in tagalog. at times, i hear her speak in english then my son would reply in baluktot na tagalog.

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