>Leaving on a Jetplane


 Aida’s picture

I will be attending the Theology of the Body Congress next week in Philly. I am currently packing, cleaning, throwing out stuff, re-organizing the house. I guess I started with packing, but ended up with a major reinvention. And now i still have my packing to do. πŸ˜‰

I always feel anxious before a trip. Especially since my family will not be going with me. With 4 of us, it takes a lot of planning and saving up before going anywhere, especially abroad. Though Aida got her passport (look at her adorable smile), she can’t go yet because she doesn’t have a visa. That’s next on the agenda.

But my priorities have changed, I admit. I don’t like traveling to far away places for weeks at a time, if they are not with me. I don’t like missing their birthdays (I missed Sabine’s once, and she is only 3! I am still guilty about it until now). And though you think that you can take a “break” from your family – do you really want a “break”? It is too difficult being away from them – no matter how rowdy and noisy they get πŸ™‚

This is still part of the call to mission. And me and my family have answered it.

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