>Not proud to be Pinay: Charice and Botox


It was on the news tonight that Charice, for her upcoming role in the musical TV series “Glee”, underwent Botox treatments on her face. To make it less round.
I think it sends the wrong signals to young kids who idolize her, and to Pinoys around the world as well. She got into Glee on sheer talent. She is getting known around the world, and her friends include David Foster and Oprah. So why fix what isn’t broken?
She is telling us that we have to conform to other peoples’ standards for them to like us. That maybe talent is not enough, we need to look better and inject foreign liquids into our bodies to become more acceptable to others (has Susan Boyle gotten Botox?).
Glee is a show about high school. About teenagers. About being accepted in school, even if you are a geek or unpopular. It is about finding yourself in song and in friends who accept you for who you are. How is it that Charice goes against that whole show by changing her appearance to be someone she is not, and then try to convince the viewers something different. It is better to act from your own feelings and experiences, and it would have been awesome for her to be herself, and play herself in Glee.
It could have been a great opportunity for all Pinoys trying to break into the international scene to tell everyone: I am Pinoy, I am talented and I can do great things without having to change WHO I am. Charice just taught us that we need to conform to what the world says we should look like.
But wait, she got on Glee because she can sing. She shouldn’t need to change her face. I believe they knew what she looked like before they booked her. Charice, be more responsible. Kids all over the world are watching, and copying, you.

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