>Lost Fatherhood


I saw this picture on one of the albums posted on Facebook by a CFC FFLer. I checked out the site, and it is about abortion – and one of the effects of which, is that men regret their lost fatherhood.

But even before I checked the site out, I reflected on the message. As fathers, we only get one shot at being a good father with our kids. Our kids only learn to crawl once. Take that first step once. Start eating solid food once. Watch that first movie on the big screen. Fall and scrape their knee and look to you for help. Have a bad dream and run to your strong embrace. We have to make sure we are part of their lives and their hearts.

Not just because we are their fathers, but because we deserve to be there.

We have to be there when they need us. We have to show them we love them, no matter what. We have to express that love in varied ways – so that they know that no matter what happens, we will be there for them.

Sometimes we tend to be so busy and distracted that we miss out on the lives of our kids. And when we look back, we will definitely regret being there for them. Work is just work. It puts money in the pocket and food on the table, but it does not guarantee love in the home. But love in the home guarantees a happy and content life, and that is more important.

Fathers, be there for your kids. Do not wait until the end to look back and regret all the times you chose to be somewhere else, instead of making life-long memories with them. You rarely get a second chance.

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