>Sabine is now 3 years old!


My eldest daughter is now 3. She is sweet, but can be sassy when she wants to be. She is obedient, but has her flashes of independence. She is malambing, but is also quite masungit. She is a girl become a lady.

We went out for lunch at Friday’s Sta. Lucia. I haven’t been there in ages! But we ordered the same thing we used to order from years back. Fajitas and Mushroom Chicken Mushrooms. YUM. And a Mud Pie for dessert. Sabine’s food was free!

After gaining about ten pounds (thank God the Biggest Loser competition at the office is over!), we went over to Fun Ranch! It really is the BEST place to bring kids. They totally enjoy themselves there. Sabine and Aida went into the Active Fun play area. It’s a big indoor playground. That’s padded. Wonderful!

I wanted Aida to stay in the 5-and-below area, and she did for a few minutes playing with the plastic balls; but she just had to follow her ate Sabine to the big kids area. Where there was a trampoline, lots of slides, bridges, etc etc. I was sweating within minutes! And that’s why women sweat less. So when they run after kids, they don’t look sweaty and ugly. But these are moments you don’t give up. 🙂

After that, we rode some rides outside. Ninang Lil and tito Carlo came over. We even went bumper boating. Then off to Tiendesitas for some food. The KFL Girls also came and surprised Sabine (thanks Kuh, Khyme, Angel and Joanne!), and initiated Aida into Fish Balls and Kikiam.

By the time the day was ending, we were all tired and happy. And it was time to go home, with all the girls asleep in the car – Sabine, Aida, Des and yaya Jovelyn.

Happy birthday Sabine! We love you! This is only the start of a wonderful adventure of life 🙂

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