>Annual Meeting of Catechetical Ministers


We went to the Annual Meeting of Catechetical Ministers yesterday in Dagupan, Pangasinan on the invitation of Archbishop Soc. I did not know that Dagupan was that far!

We left Manila at 7am, because we thought it would take 3 hours to get there. We missed a turn in Camiling, and ended up taking the long route through Moncada, Paniqui, Rosales, etc… instead of skipping those towns and going straight to Bayombong.

We got there at 11, and our session was moved to the afternoon. Good thing, because it gave us more time to relax after the trip, talk to people, make new friends, find old ones, etc. And eat pizza! They have yummy local pizza full of cheese there. Angel’s Pizza: A Taste of Heaven.

We presented at 3PM and it went very well 🙂 It really is a blessing to be Pinoy, and be a main evangelizer of the world through bringing our culture and faith all around the world.

Typhoon Basyang hit us on the way back, while we were in Tarlac. But upon arriving in Manila by 10PM, it was strong winds all around with less rain.

A long trip, a tiring day but full of Spirit and promise!

PS There were sculptures and paintings made by Abp Oscar Cruz in the venue, and we have a picture with one of the more interesting ones (with Abp Soc as well). But, I will not post it here. Too controversial!

 This September!

 Venue in Dagupan

 The master giving the talk

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