>Sabine and Aida’s First Movie (in a Theater): Toy Story 3


I have been buying Sabine and Aida toys from Toy Story. They have Buzz, Woody, Jessie, the Aliens and Lotsa. But they never had a more than 30-minute interest in them. Maybe because they never watched the Toy Story movies!

So yesterday, we brought Sabine and Aida to their first movie theater experience. (Did you know that SM charges the SAME entrance fee for kids of ALL AGES? Even 1-year old kids? DUH! They don’t even sit on a seat on their own!)

Sabine sat with me; and Aida sat with Des. They LOVED the theater experience! Even Aida watched the movie, and only fell asleep with 10 minutes left in the movie (I wonder if she is asking herself how the story ended?).

I have to say that this 3rd Toy Story is such an emotional one. I now feel bad for throwing away my toys without checking if they have new owners who will take care of them. You don’t think that all toys want is to be played with. So don’t leave your toys on a shelf. USE THEM!

And aren’t we like that as well? We are like God’s toys. Waiting, no… begging Him to play with us. Because we are made for Him to play with us. Except this Master won’t get tired of us, won’t grow old, and won’t stop playing with us.

Great movie. Now I have to check the bottom of my shoe if it says GOD 🙂

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