>Getting our PASSPORT renewed


Today, we got Aida a passport! I don’t remember the last time I went to the Department of Foreign Affairs to get a passport, so I didn’t have any expectations (when Sabine got her passport, Des was the only one who went with her). This time Des and I came along to change our passports to the new bar code one.

I think it is always a better system when you register online and get a time to go. Instead of lining up from 4AM to God-knows-when. Our appointment was scheduled at 9:30AM, and we were asked to be there by 8:30AM.

After breakfast at the McDonalds across the street (along Macapagal Ave), we went into the DFA. THERE WERE SO MANY PEOPLE! But having Aida along with us got us to go up to the 2nd floor right away for processing.

We waited for 5 minutes to get into the room. And then about 45 minutes to get to the first counter. The guy checks your papers and sends you to the second (and last) room. We paid for the passports and then got another number. 4019. And at the time, the number being served was 1020.


We asked if since we were with Aida we could get the Courtesy Lane again. Apparently, if she was below 1: YES. If only Des was with her at her age now: YES. But since I was with her: NO…. which is weird! I am a parent too!

There were 70 counters open for that last stage, though, so we waited about 2 hours. Pictures taken, fingers scanned, and OUT.

After 3 hours, we were done. Now we wait 10 working days for delivery.


    1. Not a special window, just the front of the line. There will still be a lot of people, so just take the necessary precautions especially with a baby. šŸ™‚

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