>Star City!


 Don’t pick your nose!

Yesterday we went to Star City with the Yupanos to celebrate my our niece’s birthday. The last time I was in Star City was years ago. And all I remember was that it was hot, crowded and the water ride had dirty water.

I wasn’t excited about going, for sure.

But when we got there, it improved a lot! Aside from the big, grown up rides outside, the rest of the rides were inside and airconditioned.

We spent about 4 hours there, and it was a good time. Sabine rode a lot of rides, and enjoyed them. As opposed to before when she didn’t even like riding the airplane ride. Now, she is getting braver. Next time you know, she’ll be on roller coasters. Just like her dad 🙂

For the school year, it is open on weekends. P300 for ride all you can.

Pictures of the kids and rides.

 Too young to go on any ride
 The young ones watching fish with one leg up
 Waiting for bump cars
 Wn did she get so brave?
 Bump them!
 Relaxing after a good night

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