>Treat the Vice President with More Respect!


Why doesn’t our Vice President have any role in government? Unless he is given a position by the current President, he ends up doing nothing. Which is funny, considering he will replace the President if anything happens.

I think he should have an active role in government, so that if it happens that he has to take over, then he can continue the work of the President he replaces.

It is sad as well that he doesn’t get a good office, and he stays in his own home. He should have an office that befits a VP, and an official residence as well. Just like in other countries, like the US: http://www.whitehouse.gov/about/vp-residence

This is something we should be looking into. Maybe Arlegui can be the VP Official Residence. And an office within Malacanang. And a portfolio that a VP can handle. In Tagalog, he is called PANGALAWANG PANGULO. So, Second President. He should be tasked to do more than… nothing.

And while we are at it, I think the Senate should have a more honorable place than “squatting” in another agency’s building. Move them to the Batasan. Batasan means Lawmaking anyway. That would be a one stop shop for all of them.

Some simple things to make sure our honorable elected officials are treated honorably… maybe that would make them actually be honorable…. or so we hope.

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