Dad giving the Anniversary message

The Almighty made His presence felt at our 29th anniversary yesterday at Ynares in Antipolo City. More than 4,000 people packed in the gym to celebrate with us! It was a great affirmation of what has happened, and a challenge for what is to come.

That morning, I shuttled 6 vans-full of Mindanao delegates from the Renewal Center to the gate of ALPADI. It was the least I could do, considering how much care and love they show us when we visit them. I don’t think they could walk all the way up, seeing how steep the climb is. I even took them on an ALPADI tour on the way up. They knew so many info tidbits of Lolo Paddy and Lola Lily! One tita even knew the campaign song of Lolo Paddy (maybe the Lord is telling me to use it…. hahaha)!

I got to Ynares before lunch and practices were wrapping up. Just seeing bits and pieces of the presentations made me feel really excited for the afternoon! Even minor glitches, personal oppressions would not be able to take the joy away from me – from any of us! All those are part of the territory of serving God, anyway. Bring it on!

The afternoon started with a worship led by tito Oca Oblefias, and went straight into the VARIETY SHOW! Kuya Jay Pangan and Joseph Tesoro did a great job in emceeing. Emceeing something like that is not easy, for sure. There were also people around the venue finding “Begotten” contestants, the CFC FFL version of “Hep-Hep Hooray”, name that CFC FFL song…. all those just added to the fun of the anniversary. And also the Christianized version of the Wowowee songs! We should enter TV already!

Dad gave his anniversary message after that. And it really is a wonderful sight seeing young people and babies all around – considering all this started when he was 34 years old. It is a future of promise, and a future full of hope. 🙂

The Praise Concert came after that. I really have to commend all our dancers – especially Maurice, Jerald and Make. They are such GOOD dancers. Also, the J-Band is awesome. The Denver Choir did a wonderful job. And everyone involved. Cocoi was inspired and Spirit filled in leading us. Where else can you hear sharings of pain and struggle – and yet hear them rejoice in God being an Awesome God? It makes me just want to serve even more, just like them.

My “renewal” at the Family Ministries Congress the night before was re-affirmed by this Re-Commitment. To serve with all my heart, mind and soul. This is what we are all called to do. Go beyond ourselves. Go beyond our complaints and our inconsistencies. Go beyond all that to do God’s work – in our lives, and be the example for the lives of others. This is the right thing to do.

Bishops Gabby and Francis celebrated the Mass at the end of the day. The perfect way to cap off the day of celebration and love within community. And being challenged to bring that love to all people around the world.

Everyone needs God. But they just don’t know it. We are called to bring that love to all those people around the world – as FAST as we can. And I have re-committed to do that 🙂

 Ready. 😉

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