>I just got home from a hectic day of 29th CFC FFL Anniversary activities. Had the morning with the Mindanao delegates at the Renewal Center. Dad gave a mini-talk, and I spoke on our being for Family and Life. Had lunch with Bishop Lodonu of Ho, Ghana. Had to leave right away to meet for last minute fixer-uppers for the Family Ministries Congress. And then, the Family Ministries Congress at Lay Force.

What a Congress. We were expecting 150 people, and so we got the 3rd floor hall, which we usually get. More than 350 people came. After opening worship, it was so humid and stiflingly hot, we moved to the Chapel. Which, surprisingly, was airconditioned! It was a refreshing surprise, and it made the night go smoothly. Just like what Cocoi said in his closing exhortation – in the end, we are brought back to the Church / back to Christ.

After the whole night, at the last song, I felt something I hadn’t felt for quite some time. PASSION FOUND ME AGAIN. I have been doing a lot. And I can say I have been giving my 100% in everything. But tonight, it was like there was a light that was re-energized. I felt my passion to go out into the world and evangelize re-ignited.

Maybe for the past few months I have been sidelined with so many issues, petty things. That this driving force was slowed down a bit. Maybe I started to think that I should slow myself down, now that there are so many other considerations. Maybe… I was just looking for excuses.

But I felt it again. And I decided to take it on again. And the PASSION is driving me again. I realize it is a lot like a marriage. You learn to love your wife everyday. Because more than the feeling, love is a decision.

So also with being a missionary. It is a decision to abandon it all for the sake of the call EVERYDAY. To abandon thoughts of a comfortable life. Yearnings of big bank accounts, nice cars, big houses. And just focusing and deciding to love God so much you have to proclaim it to other people.

That decision was renewed tonight. And the fire in me has not been brighter than this!

 Worship at the original venue
 Moved so almost 400 people can fit!

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