>Prince of Persia: What’s up with the British accent?


Des and I went on a movie date over the weekend. We were planning to watch Sex and the City 2 (why is it in Dubai?) or Shrek, but the lines were too long. So we ended up watching Prince of Persia. It did not disappoint!

It was just weird hearing Jake Gyllenhaal speak with a British accent, but otherwise it was a good action movie. And how did he get those abs? I need a Prince of Persia workout plan. Maybe get stuck in the desert for a while.

You can learn a lot from the movie.

Trust your brothers. Whether they be blood brothers, or otherwise. Listen to counselors, but in the end, follow your heart. We can ask opinions and views from so many people – and end up confused – at the end of the day, it is your decision. Follow your heart.

Close ranks. Trust is essential. Who else will watch your back from a hoard of enemies? Get people who have the same beliefs, and who will defend them beside you; and who will watch your back. You can’t fight the enemy and watch your teammates at the same time.

The enemy is sometimes within. I watched the Vortex today, and it was about the enemies within the Church. The Pope is going to start purging the Church of those people who say they follow the teachings, but actually do not follow ALL the teachings. That is what is needed as a Catholic. You cannot just follow the teachings you like, you have to follow ALL of them. And just like any group, sometimes the people in the group itself are nominal, and need to be corrected / chastised / fixed / kicked out. If not, the whole structure will weaken, and eventually collapse.

Life lessons from a war movie 🙂

Phew. Take a break. Here is a song number from my wife and Chinka.

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