>Let’s Face It!


I went to Let’s Face It in SM Marikina today. Des has been bugging me to get my warts burned off my body, so I asked for a facial as well. There must be a reason why people like being scraped and burned – and come back for more.

They started with the facial. A lot of creams, and masks. Massages. Steam on the face (which was hard to breathe through). More creams. A mask that squeezed your face together like a vacuum sucking it. And then they hit you with the painful part. They start scraping your face with a toothpick. And when it reaches the nose area, wow, they take pleasure in really digging that toothpick in there.

Painful yet …. nice. 🙂 And seeing all the dirt afterwards makes you feel happy.

Then the warts. They put a local anesthetic. And then they start cauterizing them. I thought you wouldn’t feel anything, but I guess not all warts were covered by the anesthetic. And the smell of burning flesh? Wow.

Painful and traumatic yet … wonderful. 🙂

Now I am waiting for the results of this endeavor. Smooth, clean skin. But in the meantime, I will have to cover this:


  1. >oh my gosh, Jong was traumatized by the Lets Face it Facial. (that's the one that cose like 200 pesos right?) hahahahaha i agree with you though, it was painful…but nice. LOL!

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