>Pro-Life Exorcist: “Never in All of History Have We Seen Evil Promoted So Effectively”


Satan no longer has to come in disguise as an angel of light. He comes as a hideous evil being, offering hideous things like abortion and same-sex marriage, but many are beguiled by him and follow him. He has done his work well. He has established his die-hard constituency — among the anti-life and anti-family forces, with radical feminists, with dissident Catholics, with homosexualist militants, with ultra-liberal media, etc. He has managed to turn things upside down, with right being wrong and wrong being right. For many, he who is dark evil has become shining light, to bring freedom to oppressed women and gays. He has turned his oppression into what many accept as a positive gift for their own happiness and well-being.

What Satan does best is to deceive, as he is the father of lies. He continues to do so, and unfortunately many are falling for his diabolical deception.

We have entered the final conflict. This is focused on family and life. And in this Satan seeks to destroy the Catholic Church, which is the only force standing in his way. Satan has already become effective is weakening the Church, through the sins of her clergy, through dissident theologians, through pro-choice and pro-abortion Catholics. The enemy within is actively at work.

We are in intense spiritual warfare. There is no quarter given. It is about life and death for one’s soul. The hour is late. We must be more militant, and go all out in rejecting Satan and his ways, in renewing the family and defending life, and in standing up for the orthodoxy of our Christian faith under the leadership of our Holy Father.

Pro-Life Exorcist: “Never in All of History Have We Seen Evil Promoted So Effectively”
By John-Henry Westen
WASHINGTON, June 14, 2010 (LifeSiteNews.com) – “Satan is normally ‘hidden’ … but nowadays he is walking tall in powerful structures of sin like abortion, pornography, sex slavery, rapacious greed and terrorism,” writes pro-life leader, Catholic priest and exorcist Reverend Thomas J. Euteneuer in his new book, Exorcism and the Church Militant.
The devil, says the President of Human Life International, “flexes his muscles” with “pernicious ideologies like radical feminism and ‘pro-choice’ extremism, the militant homosexual movement and the aggressive mass media which is the ministry of propaganda for Satan and all his works and all his empty promises.”
Father Euteneuer has conducted exorcisms in several dioceses around the United States and spoken to thousands of people on the subject.
In the newly released book, Fr. Euteneuer warns: “Never in all of history have we seen evil promoted so effectively and the true good so roundly mocked and rejected as in this age of extreme technological prowess.”  He explains, “the difference between the modern world and past generations is that Satan has a greater ability to use groups and institutions for increasing his wicked reach into human life and society.”
Far from hidden, suggests the exorcist, “Nowadays, objective evil is displayed out in the open air with impunity, celebrated in the public forum and strategized in plush board rooms.”
Fr. Euteneuer presents the case that “the devil’s spiritual warfare on our flocks will intensify as the years proceed and that all Christians, but especially priests, will have no choice but to engage more deeply in the spiritual battle for souls.”
“The devil now,” he warns, “arrogates to himself the right to control the totality of human existence even in so-called free societies: from manipulating the very act of creation (in vitro fertilization, cloning, Human Genome); to the authority over life and death (abortion, embryonic stem cell research, euthanasia); to the definition of human sexuality and marriage (birth control, divorce, homosexual unions); to the very prospect of human annihilation (nuclear war, genocide and the impending New World Order). “
Along with Exorcism and the Church Militant, Father Euteneuer is also releasing Demonic Abortion, the first of two companion works. This 120-page booklet is a meditation on the evil nature of the abortion industry, from the perspective of a priest and exorcist who has been fighting in the pro-life trenches around the world for well over a decade. With a release date of July 7, 2010, Demonic Abortion is now available for pre-order.
More information about both Exorcism and the Church Militant and Demonic Abortion can be found at http://www.exorcismbook.com/.
The introduction to the book is available here.
“For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” (Phil 1:21)

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