>"Why Being Pope Means Never Having To Say You’re Sorry"


I read the main piece of the magazine last night. It is infuriating how Western Media outlets keep attacking Catholicism. They would never dare attack the Muslims. But Catholicism? Left and right, all attacks. Making a mockery of what we believe in (look at Lady Gaga). Maybe, in a way, it is our fault for not saying anything about them. We need to stand up more for our faith.

Do people expect Obama to say sorry for the acts of his military personnel around the world? Didn’t the US Embassy hide Daniel Smith on their grounds? And then ship him off to the US as soon as they could? It is a double standard for sure. Just because we are talking about Catholicism and the Pope and what billions of people believe in – there is a concerted effort to bring him down. By those Western anti-lifers who want nothing but to kill babies and sleep around.

I know that there should be stricter rules for monitoring priests. Within the confines of the Church. And better support for priests by priests. It is not easy. Like the priest who said Mass for us yesterday said, it is not easy to be a priest. There are a lot of restrictions.

And that is true. And they need to have better support structures. Attacking them left and right won’t help. But being pro-active in reaching out and supporting them in their calling is essential.

I am married and married life is hard. If we didn’t have a support group, it would be very difficult to keep from fighting all the time. And we are blessed to have one (CFC FFL). And priests, Bishops, Cardinals are all people too. They need a community as well. And our love, prayers and help in ministering to people.

Don’t get me wrong, if anyone (whether he be a priest, politician, relative) does wrong to people, then they need to be corrected and punished. But singling out priests and crucifying them in media is unfair and uncalled for – in the meantime, all those politicians having affairs call a press conference, and that’s it.

We need to speak out for our beliefs and for our Church. We need to pray and support the Pope. This is a battle. A battle of Catholics versus Western Media (with people who say they are Catholics in it). And if we just keep silent, then they will continue their attack on us and on what has changed our lives for the best.

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