I am 35 years old today!

Des is currently in Cebu for the secret wedding of the century (Congratulations Mrs. Anna Esperanza Negapatan! Not secret anymore!). She left Friday morning, and will be back tomorrow morning. So I am celebrating with my 2 kids today (and with my best friends for lunch).

I think she is missing my 35th on purpose. Because I missed her 30th last year. Hehe revenge revenge lang yan. ;-p

I won’t say that it doesn’t feel any different from past years. Because it is always different. Older. Wiser. More mature. Less idealistic (or more realistic? Is that all bad?). More passionate. Heavier. Happier. More fulfilled. Clearer about what to do in life. Content.

I love my life. And I love what God has given me. And what He has in store for me. Even before I know what that is, I love it already.

Thank you for my wife. For my daughters. For my family. For my friends. For my community. For my work. And for everything else that makes life fun – like Froyo with Crushed Graham, Mangoes and Strawberries. Or Chocolate Covered Dunkin Donuts with the coffee they serve in the US, not here. Or Caffe Lattes from Starbucks with one Splenda. Or banadas from Iloilo, and Barquillos too, especially with Mocha Ice Cream. Massages that go deep tissue instead of the flimsy Swedish or Shiatsu. Great reality shows like Survivor and the Amazing Race. Nice songs you can download (but shouldn’t) on Frostwire. 24 Oras and the upcoming battle of ABS-CBN, GMA and TV5. Politics and all the stories you hear about the people in it. Apple. Apple. Apple.

Life. How can you not enjoy it?

35 years have gone by. And I have only just begun. 🙂

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