>Who is your bet for the World Cup?


The World Cup is now underway! It is in South Africa, and that in itself is a feat! I have been there and it is beautiful there. The people are wonderful as well. This will spur even more development in the area. I miss Spar.

This is the first time it is being hosted in an African nation. And that leaves the region of Oceania to have never hosted the World Cup. They may have to wait a few more years as it is going to Brazil after this.

Who is your World Cup bet? The defending champions? The host? I always go for the underdogs. And I would love to see an Asian team win…. but that may be hoping to much. I can’t wait for the Philippines to get in here one day. Come on guys, we have more hope to get into the World Cup than into the NBA!

These coming matches give everyone pride, and I am happy to see that a sport can unite the world in such an awesome way.


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