>What do you listen to in the morning?

>Morning radio has never been this good. When you get to be on the road from 6-10 am, you have a lot of choices. I pick from 5 different stations, depending on my mood.

Mo Twister, Grace Lee and Mojo Jojo are an interesting trio (sometimes with Angelikopter). But they are too irreverent. And all they talk about is sex and positions. They have good banter, and it is always interesting, but too much sex in the morning.

And then I go to Chico and Delamar. They do not outrightly talk about sex, and when they do it is always masked in PG language. They are funny, and not X-rated. The top 10 is sometimes really funny! And they have a lot of interaction with their audience. Though Delamar sometimes gets too EMO. It is tiring.

My new show is Balasubas and Balahura with Chris Tsuper and Nicole Hiyala. They do not play music. They just talk for an hour, then go on break for just as long. But they are SO FUNNY in the Jejemon / Jologs appeal. Nicole is irreverent and just says things as it is. And I am currently hooked on this show!

I also sometimes go over to AM, when it is a news-y time of the week. I like GMA7 because they are not biased. So I end up listening to Mike Enriquez. Though his voice gets tiring after a few minutes. You get tired from his machine gun style of talking.

And last, I visit Pinky Webb and Ted Failon. Though they are VERY biased in their views, their exchange is always cool 🙂

What do you listen to?


An aside: when you want reconciliation, do you insult the people you want to reconcile with first? Or do you take out an ad in the papers? Why don’t you just pick up the phone? Do not be insincere and arrogant. We want to see purity on intention.


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