>When you are doing things right, and in the light, expect to fight!


We brought Sabine to the dentist yesterday, because she has a small cavity in one of her teeth. Those darn candies! Need to brush more. She didn’t get it excavated yet, because it would be traumatic for a first session. She just got a cleaning with toothpaste that looks like ice cream. And had her mouth taken by an oral camera. She had lots of fun. At least we know she will go back and won’t be terrified.

I am proud of her. And nothing connected to that, her is the Apple table in the office. I am proud of this, too. Haha.

So why the name of the blog? Because I am one to live in the light. I do not hide behind people. Nor do I go around realities. I face them, head on. And I am not afraid of the consequences. As long as you do it right, and in the light. Things will work out.

But of course, everything is not without opposition. So be steady and firm in your being in the light. No matter how much darkness attacks.

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