>Fishers of Men


My dad has written a lot of books (see link and go to BOOKS tab). And I have read 90% of them. I even had the fulltimers (a couple of years back) make book reports for them.

Why? Well, because Pinoys don’t really like reading. We all have the complete set of books, but maybe have read only some of them. And not even fully.

And we are missing out! They are truly rich and inspiring. And everything we need to know about community life is in them. Everything we hear again and again is already in these books! I especially love the first one, Fishers of Men. It is everything that we, missionaries, are about.

It keeps our goal clear. And it keeps our head looking to the sky but our feet firmly planted on the ground. And it keeps us working, and working hard.

There are still so many challenges that come, and we need to find that second / third / fourth wind where we can get it. And sometimes it is just there, on our shelf, waiting to be read.

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