>The world is looking for families that fit the definition of what it truly means to be a family.

>June 4, 2010

10:05 PM
The world is looking for families that fit the definition of what it truly means to be a family.
It took me awhile to let this really sink in. And I have to admit, that it is still something I am thinking and thinking about. But the world is HUNGRY for examples of families that WORK. A family that fits what it means to truly be a family.
A family where the husband and wife have a good relationship. Where the parents are the real pastors of their children, and are their first teachers as well. Where the kids have utmost respect for the parents. And where every member just wants the best for one another – all because of the love that they decide to give each other everyday. And of course, this cannot happen if that family is not grounded in God’s love – who loves us everyday no matter what.
When Des and I went to the International Youth Forum and shared about our marriage and family; you could feel that the youth there were hungry for more. That they wanted to see a marriage that worked. And that they so desperately craved for that for themselves. Because all they see are broken families and lives taken for granted.
Des and I guested in a TV program (Family Ties) and again shared what we shared in the IYF. And the hosts (I am not sure about the viewers since it was shown on a Saturday at 6AM!) were also struck about how a marriage works because the people choose to make it work everyday. It is not just a feeling, but a decision.
I just answered an email asking me what it means to be a responsible father, how families are important in fighting the anti-life forces, etc. And again, I only needed to answer what I have said earlier in the email. Families need to work! We need to work on our relationships and we need to work on being a witness to one another of God’s love.
On Sunday, Des and I (and hopefully Mariel or Chinka) will guest on Radio Veritas (10AM! Tinig ng Pastol) to talk about our reactions to Sex Education that will be taught this school year in Public Schools. And again, the message stays the same.
And this message is nothing new to us in CFC FFL. It is what we teach all the time. It is WHO WE ARE. And it is what will propel us to this new frontier of evangelization. Families being witnesses to other families! And the only reason Des and I have been blessed to be invited to all these places and meet all these people is because we learned all of this first within our own family, and within CFC FFL as well.
Yes, the world is looking for families that fit the definition of what it truly means to be a family. And we have those families in CFC FFL! And these families NEED to go out there and show the world that there is hope, and there is no need to despair. It needs to b done. We NEED to step up and speak out! The world is listening 🙂

Couples for Christ Foundation, Inc.
Renewing the Family and Defending Life

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