>Sex Education in the Philippines


The Department of Education will be starting to teach sex education in grades 5 and 6 this June (http://www.gmanews.tv/story/192532/deped-chief-defends-sex-education-in-schools). Though the Secretary (Cabral) said it should start in Kindergarten (http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/breakingnews/nation/view/20100602-273456/Cabral-tells-bishops-sex-education-should-begin-in-kindergarten).

Cabral has said that: “It’s not right that when one gets pregnant, that’s only the time when she should know how she got pregnant. That’s not how it works.”

First of all, I think it is insulting to all of us to say that the time people find out how they get pregnant is only once they get pregnant. I don’t think that Filipinos are that stupid. Nor are we that ignorant on how to make babies. It just shows her attitude towards this whole issue. It is not an issue of information or research – it is an issue (for her) of just pushing something down our throats – whether we need it or not.

Secondly, I am advocate of teaching PARENTS how to teach sex education to their children. I do not want my kids to learn about sex from people in school. I don’t want their science teacher to be teaching them about sex and how to keep from getting sicknesses because I don’t know what he believes. I do not know how he lives his life. And I don’t know what kind of values he has. For something as important about values education about sex, I want it taught along the same lines as I would teach it.

Teachers can teach about biology. Even religion. Because those are things that you can learn and read in a book. But something as sensitive as sex education, especially since we believe certain truths about it as Catholics, must be dealt with even more sensitivity and understanding.

So yes, teach sex education. But teach it to parents, so they can teach it to their children.

I know what my daughters can handle in terms of information. I know when they get curious. I can see from their questions when they are ready to learn more about sex and whatever else comes with it – chastity, purity, faithfulness, etc.

They all have different developmental stages, and just lumping them into one subject no matter how mature or immature they may be will be detrimental. The challenge to the DepEd, the Church and society is not to fight over the RH Bill. It is to work together and encourage parents to be INVOLVED with the lives of their children. And teach PARENTS, teach us, how to talk to our kids about sex.

Because if you do not teach your kids about it, they will definitely learn it from watching those teleseryes on TV. Or deducing things from watching sexy advertisements on TV and on the road (just look at all the almost naked people on billboards). And that would just be terrible.

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