>Smoking Kills


This video rocked the world a few days ago. The kid is a KID! And he smokes like there is no tomorrow. His parents should be jailed. And he needs help, fast. Or else he won’t live to see his tenth birthday.

We all know smoking kills. It will kill the smoker. And it will kill people around the smoker. We see cigarette butts lying everywhere. So it will kill the environment as well.
I have tried smoking. But I was never addicted. The first time I tried it was in Tokyo, during a conference I attended. I ended up vomiting phlegm the whole day afterwards. It is not good for the body. And it will kill us all.
So I am so angry that people who have the chance to be a good example, refuse to do so. Like Aquino. Yes, I did not vote for him. And yes, I even campaigned HARD against him. And up to now, I am wary of the decisions he is making (I support him, being our incoming president, but that doesn’t mean I am going to keep quiet about him picking Boy Abunda for Secretary of Department of Tourism!).
He is a smoker. And when he campaigned, he said he would quit if he won. Now that he won, he has changed his mind. He has a chance to be a GREAT example for the youth. And more than that, he has a chance to change his lifestyle for the better. But refuses to do so.

He said he even smoked on World No Tobacco day (http://www.gmanews.tv/story/192283/noynoy-says-he-will-smoke-even-on-no-tobacco-day). There’s a good example for all of us.
And that, to me, is annoying. I do not want to die because of other people’s killer vices.
We are all outraged by that kids’ smoking. And we want him to quit because we want to save his life. We should be like that for people of ALL AGES. No matter what they are – kid or president.
Our president-elect with the future generation.

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  1. >I am really alarmed to see this video! imagine that kid who smokes like an adult (he may be 5-6 years old, maybe) and people around him finds it fascinating!!!I hope that Noynoy would see that video and find time to reflect on how his attitude towards smoking could INSPIRE more people especially the younger generation to do the same. I detest smoking and will continue to do so, for it doesn't do anything good to your health. i just hope that smokers would ssee this side too.thanks for sharing this kuya.

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