>I don’t walk around walls, I break through them


Daniel, in the video, is only 6 years old. Yet he knows what his faith is all about. And he knows how to worship God without any fear or discomfort. We can really learn so much from children, and that’s why I love my work in KFL so much. And even after this term is done, I will still be actively involved in this ministry.

Gam, in the video, is young, but he knows that it is important to evangelize. Not only for others, but for our families as well. And our families are blessed when we focus on the Lord and make His Will be done.

I also believe that it affirms us, normal laity, to really have no fear in speaking up and speaking out. We have a chance to let our voices be heard, and even amidst opposition, keep speaking up and even shouting out what we need to be said. Who else will speak out if not us? Who else will fight for life and for families, if not us?
It is our call and our DUTY to do this. So, Catholics, speak up! A good reminder from the Vortex:

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