>Starting Fresh


A friend of mine (ok, that’s you, Wendell) said that sometimes it is good to start fresh. And that’s the truth. We can’t always lug around our hurts and fears, and let them rule us. We need to hit the reset button and start everything anew.

I am afraid of sharks. I can’t swim in open water because I think that a shark is going to bite me, drag me under and eat me. Or worse, just take off a limb and leave me to bleed (to death? or worse, not to death). But if I let that rule me, then I would never have the opportunity to see the beauty of the underwater world that God has created. I wouldn’t be able to see the corals, I wouldn’t snorkel, I would just wade in shallow water.

So, start fresh.

I don’t eat bananas. Or coconuts. Or anything purple. Or dinuguan. Or fish that looks like fish. I have no idea why. But when I see people eat them, they seem to be enjoying themselves so much! One day, I would have to reset this, and try all of that. Not in one day, of course.

So, yes. Start fresh. And be honest. I bought a new laptop. And Wendell told me to start fresh, instead of just transferring everything from my old laptop into the new one. Just keep the important ones, but all the rest, file away. And that’s what I did. Not only in regards to my laptop, but to my life as well.

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