>The Back Up Plan


This is the newest movie of J-Lo. You would expect a good, fluid romantic story like her past movies. But this one just failed to deliver. It started out well. It was funny. And the attraction between the main characters was evident. The banter between the two, the coin and all that was good.

But as the movie wore on, the inter-personal relationships of the characters got weary as well. It wasn’t sewn together well. From being a movie about relationships, it became a movie about coping with being pregnant. It was hard to shift from one to another.

They could have focused on the star-up relationship of the couple OR the being a mother of J-Lo. It was just like getting 2 movies in one, and having only one hour (or so) to tell it. It was messy and it was scattered and it wasn’t made well.

There were nice laughs, but it wasn’t a nice movie.

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